A journey is best measured iN
Friends rather than Miles

-Tim Cahill

Every day as a part of RED, we see ourselves impacting and impacted by the people around us. Skilled and learned partners we work with - students, freelancers, consultants, agencies - help us deliver on our promises. And our customers put immense faith in us to help them write their stories.

We learn from our mentors and advisors when building new rafts or explore vast blue oceans or how humility and patience are the best oars in troubled waters.

We’re growing with each other.
These are people we can be our authentic selves with.
We’re there for each other, celebrating happiness or sharing sorrows.

Here’s where our relationships are not just transactional but meaningful. With them, trust is the primary currency. They are what we cherish as Friends of RED.
Let’s the journey of our Friendship!

We’re always looking to make new Friends from
all over the Globe.

Let’s BEGIN the journey of our Friendship!