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Towards Dharmic Capitalism

The question of money and wealth is perhaps the most vexing of all issues confronted by those who aspire for a more conscious way of life. Money has a subtle corrupting influence even on the best of minds. It is for this reason that money is amongst the first things to be rejected by the […]

RED, Redefined

A guy playing with a big mobile phone and interacting with the gears rather than the Start button. Is that what Redefined means? Here’s hoping that June is better for all of us. When I ponder over the question about what we are and should be delivering, the answer is Experience. And not just any kind […]

How Predictive Analytics can Improve your Business

Harnessing data has become one of the most pivotal tasks today. Companies are consistently searching for techniques that help generate huge amounts of data which can be studied and electronically processed to draw predictions. Predictive Analytics is a dedicated term wherein businesses use historical data with the intent of guessing future outcomes. It is an […]

Why is Email Marketing important for your Business

A quick gander through the email statistics report (2019-2023) of The Radicati Group is enough to know that 2.7 billion people are actively using their email accounts. Considering this massive number, businesses have an excellent opportunity to reach out to prospective clients and users. Additionally, email marketing is still one of the most economical tools […]

Tips for Creating a Professional Logo

Logo design plays a crucial part in creating a strong identity for your brand. A well-designed logo can create a loyal customer base and propel the right message towards your brand’s audience. In the past, a lot of companies have failed to create effective logo designs. Some were just unable to recognize its significance whereas […]

Most Common UX Design Methods and Techniques

Creating a convenient yet enjoyable experience for users is at the forefront of every designer’s vision. To achieve this objective, UX designers adopt certain methods and techniques which break down this process into multiple steps. With this, it becomes easier to quantify the amount of work done and ascertaining the overall progress of the project. […]


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