We want people to look back on their time here as something that significantly influenced their career and possibly even their entire life.

There are many places that can help you grow in terms of money, fame, power and satisfying work.
At RED, we try to grow as human beings.


Here’s where we solve problems and create opportunities of significance. We experiment, help each other and yet, stay close to the ground. Here’s where we say no to the status quo and to being comfortable.

Above all, here’s where we learn to respect one another, maintain the highest levels of integrity and strive for excellence. Each one of us is a guardian of the cause and the culture.

We’re young and passionate. We make mistakes, and are not always successful. Everything we do can be done better. But here’s where we wish to extend our best support to an exponentially growing ecosystem. Here’s where we work hard day and night - not just to achieve our own goals but to do well by the hundreds of thousands of lives we’re directly or indirectly impacting.

Intrepid? I rather think of myself as dauntless.

-Alfred Pennyworth

RED shall have a maximum of 19 people. This is the Core, the Hub, the Leadership.

And then we have 100+ Friends of RED - our network of customers, freelancers, agencies, consultants, advisors, strategic partners, and more.

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