RED Salaries

Salaries and Appraisals take up immense mental and financial resources for any company. We don’t want to, and we have tried to design a structure that is simple-to-comprehend, easy-to-implement, transparent, and result-oriented.

Levels and Monthly Salaries at RED
Level Fixed Variable Variable % Total Salary % Raise Quarters to qualify
L1 ₹40,000.00 ₹4,000.00 10% ₹44,000.00 0% 0
L2 ₹60,000.00 ₹6,000.00 10% ₹66,000.00 50% 2
L3 ₹85,000.00 ₹12,750.00 15% ₹97,750.00 48% 2
L4 ₹120,000.00 ₹18,000.00 15% ₹138,000.00 41% 2
L5 ₹160,000.00 ₹32,000.00 20% ₹192,000.00 39% 3
L6 ₹200,000.00 ₹40,000.00 20% ₹240,000.00 25% 4
L7 ₹240,000.00 ₹60,000.00 25% ₹300,000.00 25% 4
L8 ₹285,000.00 ₹71,250.00 25% ₹356,250.00 19% 4
Here’s how it works:
  • Every Level has a Fixed and a maximum Variable Salary Component.
  • The least payout for anyone is ₹44,000 (40,000 fixed and 10% variable).
  • The Variable Component is defined by the financial performance of RED.
    • If RED makes enough profits, everyone receives 100% of their Variable component.
    • No profits, no Variable payout.
    • Higher Levels have a higher Variable component because higher-ups The higher you go, the more you are responsible for the financial performance of RED.
  • The percentage jumps between salary levels are higher at lower levels (50%, 48%, etc.), and decrease as you level up.
  • Eligibility for the next Level depends on two factors:
    • Successful achievement of personal responsibilities
    • Consecutive Quarters of achieving those milestones Initial level-ups are faster, later ones slower. An L1 person becomes eligible for L2 in two quarters, whereas an L5 to L6 transition is eligible after 4 consecutive quarters of successful meeting of targets.

RED is a team of generalists, and so we had to design unambiguous performance metrics. You pick two or more metrics like these:

  1. Manage projects of ticket sizes proportional to your salary. Higher your level, bigger the projects you manage.
  2. Make more Friends of RED. Bigger our network, more we learn and greater our impact.
  3. Submit more viable business plans every quarter. Adrenaline rush to evaluate new lines of work to keep us relevant, reduce risks and grow exponentially.
  4. Spin off new businesses / divisions out of RED. Find someone to head the new team and spin it off, while we focus on staying lean and the next experiment.
  5. Contribute to Business Development.
  6. Improve Digital Presence and Social Technologies.