episode 2

Thunderstorms, brainstorms, and the unthinkable:
The rewiring of RED

Don’t just go out, go all out!

Day 2 had just begun, and someone said “can’t we do this in the open air?” And the next minute, everyone stepped out of the hall.

Health is wealth.
Even for ExOs?

Especially. And it was time to discuss organisational health at RED.

Wait, I am going to get a bite.

Apart from relishing the delectable cookies and hot tea, they used this time to appreciate the lush greenery and the orange-laden trees all around.

Horticulture is good. What
about the culture at RED?

While honesty was still the best-ranked policy, RED decided to leave no stone unturned to come a close second with its policies. This meant that team A was put to work on policies like onboarding, leaves, exit, etc., and they came up with some pretty interesting ideas.

And what did Team B do?

They had to come up with a system for Rewards

Monetary Rewards
  • Levels for salaries shall be pre-decided, keeping in mind that associates grow exponentially
  • Moving to a higher level shall require consistent performance in 2-4 quarters depending on the level additionally, each level shall have a variable component on the basis of performance and some other factors (to be decided later)
Non-monetary Rewards
  • Best tools (hardware, software) on offer
  • Build your own (BYO) culture, space, team etc.
  • Hybrid work model, flexible hours
  • Free Beverages (Gunsberg, coffee, tea)
what happened next?

Unlike the conventional retreats, RED didn’t have 'food for thought' on offer but instead, it encouraged an unadulterated thought for food, and just food.

Division of Deliverables

That is, the main responsibilities of the Internal and External teams

Yes, Any update on the questions that were
asked at the end of Day 1?

It was just the time when answers started coming up.

Why are you still in RED?

To sum up their responses...

This is going to be over soon, said the snacks.

After some long sessions of brainstorming, the team got their much-needed snack break. The conversations around this time were mostly focused on their hunger to do something big, like having dinner.

This is going to be over soon, said the snacks.
Have we reached the last leg?

This was the time some of the team members were asked to design an organisational structure for the new RED (to be discussed in the upcoming reads).

A few others were asked to finalise the MTP for BluOne. And here’s what they came up with:

BluOne: Aligning resources for sustained social transformation

And the remaining were asked to take the quiz from the ExO book. Here’s how RED fared:

*For reference - ExOs achieve scores over 55/84 (almost there :D)

And what happened at
the end?

Same, nom-nom, yum-yum but in Nehru Place this time.

Change is good. Ask the man on the payphone.