yes no boss : rewriting the Team structure at red

The following account tries to find this answer within RED’s journey of creating a team structure. It carries forward the format from previous write-ups of answering the obvious presumed questions.

So how did RED go about
creating its team structure?

For starters, there were to be no bosses. Everyone had their roles to play, no traditional 'levels' were to be assigned, and hierarchy was to be chucked for good. The attribute of autonomy was to have far more weightage than anything else.

Tell me all about it! From the beginning.

Red decided to go for a three-way structure.


Growth: People who bring business, amplify the impact, revenues, etc.


Operations: People who deliver on the work brought by the growth team


Stability: People who ensure that there is balance and the other two groups don't kill each other

Well-built orchestras are said to have sound structures.

But how would this have
yielded a better result than
an average organisation?

A major concentration of RED's workforce were to work under the growth and stability teams, and take up limited operational responsibilities.

So who’d do the
rest of the operational work?
Okay, is there a better way to understand
how RED works?

Depends. Yes, if you like football

If you’ve ever played or watched the game you’d be familiar with its team structure. Well, RED had quite a team of its own.

Attackers, defenders, midfielders, goalkeeper, and a coach - Think of it like RED's spirit-based team structure.
Finally, the team shall have a coach, i.e. someone who could guide with their experience and team owners in the form of BluOne and the investors.
So the groups were ready, what
else did they require to win?
Hmm, so when did the
action start?

You have been waiting for a twist, haven't you?

The new organisation structure was to spring into action on the first of May 2021, also the day that RED was to be separated from BluOne (legally).

But with the onslaught of the pandemic and the associates working from home, almost everyone had to work in Operations and manage existing clients, which was nothing but business as usual.

A non-business team like RED found it difficult to collaborate online and align itself to create new business opportunities. Needless to say, there were very few new businesses coming up at RED during this time.

However, things started to look sunny in June. Learn more about it in the upcoming reads.

Burrito, Chiko, Enchilada,
Taquito, we all have our rolls.